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Apple Stamps

Have you ever used a potato to cut shapes and make stamps?  Well, this takes that concept and gives it a little natural twist. By using the natural shape of the apple, you can make some very cool-looking designs on greeting cards, wrapping paper, blank canvas tote-bags, tee shirts, or any other blank surface.  They are easy for young hands and messy fun!


  1. Apples, cut in half

  2. Paint or stamp pads (if stamping on material, make sure you use craft paint)

  3. Paper or your project of choice

  4. Brushes are good to have on hand to help cover the apples completely

  5. Foam trays are also useful, or paper plates to squeeze the paint onto for dipping


  1. Dip apples in the paint or apply paint with a brush so it covers the apply completely

  2. Stamp the apple down and lift up

  3. Keep stamping and re-applying paint as needed, to create your masterpiece


Let your imagination run wild – it’s conventional to use normal apple colors, but why not try purple or use a brush and paint a rainbow of colors on one apple before stamping down?  Have fun and have lots of clean-up supplies handy.

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