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Safety Tips for Liquid Medications

Liquid medications can be prescribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter. They are sometimes referred to as elixirs, syrups, or mixtures and are commonly used with children. Giving medicine safely can be complicated, but with a little knowledge and a lot of double-checking, you can give your child their liquid medicine safely.

Here are our tips:

Always read the label

Follow the directions exactly. Giving a child too much medicine can be extremely dangerous.

Check dosage charts

Medicines can be measured in different ways, so double check to see if its teaspoons (tsp), tablespoons (tbsp) or milliliters (mL).

Never mix and match dosage devices

Be sure to use the cup or syringe that comes with the medicine. Don’t mix and match the devices to different products as you might end up giving the wrong amount.

Keep all medications up and away from children

For added safety, always store adult and child preparations of liquid medicine in separate areas. This will decrease the chance of mixing up the containers by accident.

Talk to your pediatrician

Make sure you get your pediatrician’s advice if you’re having trouble giving the medication to your child. Also, please talk to your doctor and ask any questions or voice any concerns you might have.

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

It can be scary any time your child is sick, but rest assured that AllKids Urgent Care is here to help guide you every step of the way with a caring and knowledgeable pediatric staff. Both our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care and our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care  are open every day, from noon to 10 p.m. No appointment is necessary, just stop in and start your child on the road back to health.

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