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The Importance of Drinking Water

It’s so important that our children are getting enough water each day. According to our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care providers, water can make all the difference in kids getting back to health faster. Even though water does not supply any essential vitamins or minerals, the benefits of drinking water are immeasurable. Water is key in keeping our children’s bodies functioning properly and keeping them hydrated. It helps with

  1. Digestion Support

  2. Constipation Prevention

  3. Proper Blood Circulation

Teaching your children to drink water often can be tough because most of them would rather drink something sweet, such as juice, chocolate milk or even soda. But the more you focus on it, the more they will begin to see and understand why water is so essential in their lives.

Experiment with Plants

One idea of teaching your children the importance of water is to help them do an experiment where they can see for themselves the role water plays. Buy 2 small plants that you can keep at home in a place where they will both receive plenty of sunshine. Explain to your child that the healthiness of the plant is much like the healthiness of their own body. Then, have your child water one of the plants everyday, while leaving the other plant without water.

It will only take a few days before your child will begin to see the difference between the plant that is receiving water and the one that isn’t. Point out to your child that, just as the plant without water begins to fade and wither, our bodies also slow down and become tired when we don’t have enough water. Be sure to also point out how healthy the plant with water is and remind your child that they too can be healthier by drinking plenty of water.

Special Water Bottles

Take your child with you to the store and help them pick out their own special water bottle. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but make sure you explain what it’s for and why it’s important. Involving your child in the process of picking out their own water bottle can have a stronger impact on them and help them understand why it is so important.

When you get home, choose a special spot for your family’s water bottles and make sure it’s accessible by the kids. Talk to your children about how often they should be drinking water and help them fill up their bottle frequently.

Water Does Make a Difference

As children continue to face colds and the flu through these winter months, it is more important than ever that they stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water makes such a huge difference in keeping kids healthy. At our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care, we see it all the time! It helps them avoid illness to begin with, but will also help them overcome any sickness they have sooner.

Next time your bring your child into AllKids Urgent Care, be sure to have them ask once of us why water is so important. We’ll be sure to agree with you and tell them they need to be drinking plenty.

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