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Tips for Taking Baby to the Doctor

Your baby’s first trip to the doctor is among the many first-time experiences that can be a little bit frightening for both baby and mom or dad. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make visits to the pediatrician (or pediatric urgent care) less stressful for your baby. Here are some tips to consider as you prepare to take your baby to the doctor:

Bring a Favorite Toy

Having a toy to play with can definitely keep your baby preoccupied and comfortable at your pediatrician’s office. This not only eases the tension, but actually makes things easier for the doctor as well. You might also bring a favorite blanket for comforting, especially if it’s a visit that might include a shot.

Treat Staff as Friends

When your child sees you interacting comfortably with the nurses and other staff members at the doctor’s office, it immediately helps them feel more comfortable. If you act nervous or stressed, your baby will pick up on that. Of course, it always helps if the staff is friendly and courteous, but be prepared to do your best to put on a smile while you’re at the doctor for the sake of your child.

Be Consistent

If possible, do your best to take your child to see the same pediatric so that they become familiar with the doctors and staff. Your baby will also become more accustomed to the surroundings of the doctor’s office, which will definitely help.

Avoid Long Waits

Sitting in the waiting room for an extended period of time can easily add to the anxiety your baby might feel when it’s time to visit the doctor. If you have a scheduled doctor’s appointment, arrive right on time so that you don’t have to wait in the waiting room. For urgent healthcare, head to the pediatric urgent care closest to you. Click here for directions to our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care.

At AllKids Urgent Care, we do our best to keep our patients and their parents comfortable. Our staff is trained to be friendly and polite and we work hard to keep the waiting period to a minimum. This is why many parents continue to make AllKids Urgent Care their urgent care of choice for their children when their regular pediatrician is unavailable or in cases of emergency.

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