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When to See Us and Our Services

Have a sick or injured child and can’t wait to see your pediatrician until tomorrow?


Are there no more appointments available with your regular pediatrician today, or don’t have the time to make an appointment?


Are you unsure if your child’s health care concern is enough of an emergency to justify the expense and long wait times at the local emergency department?


Our kid-friendly urgent cares see kids who are suffering from:

  • asthma and wheezing

  • bronchiolitis

  • basic fractures and broken bones

  • minor burns

  • cough and cold

  • minor cuts and stitches

  • diarrhea and vomiting

  • earaches

  • eye infections and minor eye injuries

  • fevers

  • flu symptoms

  • jaundice

  • rashes

  • sinus infections

  • skin infections

  • sore throats

  • sprains and strains

  • urinary tract infections

Our clinics also offer basic lab and x-ray services. This includes:

  • rapid strep and mono tests

  • urinalysis, blood sugar testing

  • x-rays of chest and extremities

  • basic fracture care

  • wound care including Dermabond

  • breathing treatments

  • sports and school physicals

  • flu shots

Children Playing
12 pm to 10 pm Every Day

We're open every day, no appointment necessary. Walk in for your child's urgent healthcare needs.

When to See Us

When can we help?

Click below to learn about the different conditions we can treat.

Services We Provide

Our in-office x-ray and basic labs help us evaluate and treat injuries and illnesses much quicker and more affordably than an emergency room visit.

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