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5 Awesome Apps for Kids

Are your kids constantly asking for their next turn on the tablet or your smartphone? The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to create a media use plan for their family to help set boundaries for kids and digital media. They give helpful tips as well as guidelines about how much digital media is advisable for each age group.

But when the time is appropriate for digital media, wouldn’t it be nice if kids could engage in an educational app that focuses on their health and helps them learn appropriate habits?

Well, we’ve found five apps that do just that! Check them out to see if they are a good fit for your family.

Nicolas’ Garden

To start off, here’s an app that was actually inspired and partly designed by an eight-year-old. What could be better than an app that promotes healthy eating for kids that was designed by a kid? Here you’ll find very simple and basic recipes that kids can make on their own or with the help of a parent. Plus, this app gives them an opportunity to take pictures of the final product and share with their friends and family.

Easy Eater

Sometimes kids learn more when they are the ones in charge of teaching. That’s the idea behind Easy Eater. Here, kids are responsible for choosing a pet, naming it and then keeping it healthy and happy by feeding it the same foods they eat. As they play, kids are able to learn more about healthy foods, like what foods are considered proteins and appropriate portions. The goal is to help them make the connection between what they are feeding their pets and what they are feeding themselves.

Smash Your Food

Seems like kids are always up for smashing stuff, right? In this app, the player smashes food to see what it’s actually made of. They will see a breakdown of the actual sugar, salt and oil contained in the food they smash are able to compare it to a chart that shows what is recommended. Kids seem to love smashing up real images of burgers, soda and pizza to see what’s really going on inside of these foods.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power

Here’s an app for younger kids ages 3 to 6. The idea here is to help children learn and identify names of colors, fruits and vegetables. When a child is more familiar with specific types of vegetables, they are more willing to try them when they are served. This app also helps young children understand the difference between foods that are good for them and those that aren’t.

Eat and Move-O-Matic

It’s not always easy to teach kids the relationship between food and exercise. Eat and Move-O-Matic strives to do just that. Your child will see the comparison of the calories they eat and the time it takes to burn those calories off with activities that range from doing homework to dancing. By playing this app, kids are exposed to healthy food alternatives as well as exercise tips and ideas.

As with any app that you might let your child play, it is very important that you do a quick “test-drive” first to make sure it is appropriate for your own kids. Have another app that your kids love? Share it with us!

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