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Arizona Measles Outbreak

Last week, AllKids Urgent Care pediatrician, Dr. Sheena Banerjee, visited AZ Family studios in Phoenix to talk about the measles outbreak in Arizona. While there, she talked about the symptoms of measles and gave tips on prevention and what to do if you think your family has been infected. Here are some quick take aways from her visit:

About the Measles

  1. Measles spreads fast – 90% of non-immunized people will get the disease

  2. Measles is a viral infection so there is no specific treatment

  3. Measles starts with fever, cough, congestion, red eyes and then the rash

  4. 13 confirmed cases in Pinal County – started from Eloy Detention Center (at time of broadcast on 6/1/16)

  5. Complications can include pneumonia, seizures, brain damage and death

Measles Prevention

  1. If you have a fever and a rash, please call your physician as soon as possible

  2. Arizona Medical Association urging physicians and medical offices to take precautions – wear mask, ask doctor to come out to you, etc.

  3. Vaccination is the only guaranteed prevention

AllKids Urgent Care believes that all kids deserve the best. Both our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care are open from noon to 10 pm daily, including holidays, so we are available when kids (and parents) need us most. For more information on our pediatric urgent care clinics, visit our When to See Us page.

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