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Baby! It’s Cold Outside!

Caring for a baby in the winter months has its challenges, but this shouldn’t force you stay home all day every day during this festive season. Here are our favorite tips for handling common winter baby issues until the forecast gets a bit sunnier (and warmer!).

It’s All About the Layers

Little ones under 12 months need at least one more layer than what you’re wearing, while 1 year old and up require the same amount of clothing as your do. Once your toddler is walking, they’ll need waterproof boots to protect their feet.

Limited Exposure

Public places are full of germs and viruses so keep your baby away from anyone who is sick and ask friends and family members to wash hands before handling baby. Aside from staying up-to-date on vaccinations, the best way to protect your baby is limit exposure, so keep outings short for the first few months of baby’s life.

Wash Your Hands (And theirs too)

Remember to wash your hands frequently as well, especially after changing diapers or before preparing food. Wash your baby’s hands frequently, too – especially if they’ve been playing outside or eating with their hands.

Nutrition + Sleep = Health

Once your child is eating solids, make sure they get all the nourishment they need by offering a variety of healthy foods, getting them optimal physical activity each day, and a good night’s sleep.

Winter and babies do require extra cautions, but remember the upside – you now have the perfect excuse to stay home, snuggle your little one, and watch the winter weather from your windows. If you want to venture out, keep them warm, keep them healthy, and enjoy!

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

AllKids Urgent Care believes that all kids deserve the best. Both our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care are open from noon to 10 pm daily, including holidays, so we are available when kids (and parents) need us most. For more information on our pediatric urgent care clinics, click here for more information.

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