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Being Thankful = Healthy Bodies

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to ponder the things we are truly grateful for in life. While it’s important to stop and acknowledge the good things in life, did you know that there is now scientific proof that being thankful can actually help you be healthier?

Research shows that an optimistic, grateful attitude can help in the following areas:

  1. Overcoming physical and emotional disorders

  2. Increasing overall health and well-being

  3. Improving sleep habits and patterns

  4. Lowering risk of heart disease

  5. Living a longer life

  6. Overcoming depression and anxiety

  7. Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The research points to studies where one group of participants were asked to identify 5 things they were thankful for on a daily basis while another group was asked to list 5 troubles or hassles they were experiencing. At the conclusion of the study, the group expressing gratitude were not only happier, but also reported fewer physical illnesses such as headaches and nausea.

Imagine all of this good stuff happening in your life simply by taking the time to be thankful for what’s happening in your life. But that’s the trick…it’s not always so simple to stop and be thankful. Life is busy and often stressful. How do we make sure we’re taking time everyday to be thankful? Here are a few ideas:

Tell People Directly

This might feel somewhat awkward at first, but it’s a great way to express gratitude and spread positive feelings at the same time. Tell a co-worker how thankful you are for their hard work. Write a letter to a friend. Call a family member and share what you’re thankful for. Taking the time to voice your gratefulness to others can have a positive effect in your life and theirs.

Attitude of Gratitude

It definitely takes some mental power to make adjustments to our attitudes. But it can be very worth it when the adjustment is a positive one. Start by training yourself to think thankful thoughts. Focus on the positive. Look for opportunities to be grateful. Identify an ungrateful thought and turn it around. Once you get started, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to develop a grateful attitude.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Once a week, take a moment to list 5 things your thankful for. It’s okay if these things are small and it’s okay if you find yourself repeating certain things over and over. The point is that you’re taking time out of your life to show gratitude. Some people find that this works better when they do it on a daily basis.

At AllKids Urgent Care, we know that healthy parents typically have healthy kids. If, as parents, you can take steps, such as being grateful, that lead to health and happiness, it stands to chance that your kids will pick up on these habits as well.

We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the wonderful patients and parents we see everyday in our offices. Being able to provide our services is something we’re very thankful for. Thanks for choosing us as your pediatric healthcare provider.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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