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Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

It’s chilly in Arizona and the little ones might start getting a bit stir-crazy as indoor time becomes longer and longer.  Here are some fun activities you can do with your child that will offer some big creative fun indoors.

Have fun in the Kitchen Kids love cooking, and even toddlers can help somewhat.  Consider a baking project that you and your child can tackle together.  Have them help with cookies, pizza dough, or make a soup in the crock pot together and have the whole house smell wonderful all day.

Hide and Seek Easy games are always a big hit, but you can spruce things up with large cardboard boxes – make castles, spaceships, or their own houses.  Build a fort with chairs, blankets, and cushions.  Turn off all the lights and challenge the kids to a flashlight version of regular hide and seek.

Movie Night Pop some popcorn (especially fun if you do the old fashioned stove top method) and watch a family movie together.  Add more fun by using large boxes and decorate as cars to make an indoor drive-in theatre.  After the movie, grab dress up clothe and funny props and act out the movie with dramatic or silly voices and a big dance number.

Make Your Own Fun Paper bags, stickers, colored paper and tape could become puppets.  Flour, water, and food coloring can become play dough.  Search online for some easy crafts and make a giant mess and a lot of memories.

Sensory Fun Shaving cream is a wonderful indoor sensory activity that toddlers love. Squirt some on a pan and just let them have fun. Add food coloring if you like. You might want to put them in an old shirt and maybe a towel down too, because it does get messy!  Here’s a sensory activity that’s easy and clean – squirt some hair gel (lotion would work too) into a baggy and zip it up! Add some odds and ends to the mix too for added fun.

Follow the Leader Tape a line on the floor in different ways (zig zag, curvy or straight) and have a toddler walk along it, trying to balance their best. Have them follow you, then you follow them. Can they do it forward, how about walking backwards?  Once they get the hang of this, start adding crazy dance moves and see if they can follow along.

Indoor time can still be fun and engaging time.  Toddlers have energy that seems to radiate out of them at an unnatural rate, but these activities are sure to keep them giggling, happy, and having fun even when stuck inside.

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