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Healthy Gift Ideas

Want to encourage some fun, healthy habits this Holiday season? Here are some great gift ideas that will promote physical activity and good nutrition.

On the Move

Things that move like bicycles or scooters are always good to get your children out and about and moving themselves. If they’re into a specific sport, new equipment is good motivation to practice. If they’re not into a sport yet, but showing interest lessons or classes or a specific sports camp might be a nice present.

Master Chef

Are you children interested in the kitchen yet?  Get them excited about nutrition with cooking supplies, like bright colored spoons, bowls, kid-friendly knives, cutting boards, cookbooks with children in mind. Write down family favorite recipes on bright colored cards and make a New Year’s resolution to cook together once a week.

Back to Basics

Building blocks, puzzles, books, and craft kits won’t necessarily get your kid moving but they’re good for the brain and will get them off their electronics for awhile.

Interactive Fun

But if they’re still insisting on video games, get them an interactive game, like one of the many Dance type games on the market, to get them to have fun and stay active while playing.

Holidays are an excellent time to instill some good habits, have fun, and encourage your kids.

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