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Helping Your Child Choose a Sport

There are a ton of sports options for boys and girls, including both team and individual sports. Think little league, soccer, swimming, tennis, and so much more! Joining a sports program is a wonderful opportunity for fun and fitness, but a youngster poorly matched to a sport or unrealistic expectations from the kids themselves, parents or coaches – can lead negative experience filled with stress and frustration. So how can parents tell if sports are right for their child?

Benefits of Sports

First, let’s consider the benefits of sports. Being part of a sports program can give your child many benefits for learning and growing including getting regular physical activity, developing motor skills, having fun, building self-confidence, developing social skills, learning about teamwork, and learning how to follow directions and rules. In addition, by participating in sports, children often find exercise enjoyable and more likely to establish a lifelong habit of healthful exercise.

How to Choose a Sport

So, how do you choose a sport for your child? Finding a sport that will fit your child depends on many factors including personal interest, personality, physical traits, your child’s schedule, your family’s schedule, the cost of equipment or other items, the coach, and your readiness to put in time and assistance. First, talk with your child about their interest (or not) in wanting to join a sports program. Make sure your child shows all readiness signs including maturity level, physical maturity, and overall health.

Making Sure It’s a Good Fit

Ask your child some questions to find out how they feel about the sport. Start with, “Are you having fun playing?”, “What did you learn in practice?”, “What’s your favorite part of the game?”, “What’s your least favorite part?”, “Do you like your teammates?”, and “What’s the best thing about being on the team?”  Don’t be surprised if your child wants to switch sports a few times. It can take a few tries for a child to find out what kinds of things they enjoy and are good at. But even if a sport isn’t a good fit, it can still give a good learning experience.

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

AllKids Urgent Care believes that all kids deserve the best. Both our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care are open from noon to 10 pm daily, including holidays so we are available when kids (and parents) need us most – like when you need a physical for your sports team! For more information, on our pediatric urgent care clinics, click here for more information.

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