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“Mommy My Tummy Hurts!”

At some point, every mom in the world will undoubtedly hear these words from their child. So many different things can cause stomach pain. Your child may have eaten too much or they may just be hungry. They might be fighting off an infection or dealing with something more serious such as an appendicitis.

Sometimes, depending on what is causing the pain, it may go away on its own after just a short time. At other times, it’s being caused by something that needs medical attention. It’s important for parents to pay attention to their children to lean more about the stomach pain and other symptoms.

Stomach Flu

When infection reaches the stomach, it can cause stomachaches and cramps. Other viruses in the body affect the stomach causing vomiting and diarrhea. These viruses tend to run their course after several days. Kids should drink plenty of fluids during this time and parents should keep a close eye on them. It’s important to watch for blood in the vomit or diarrhea.


Frequent stomachaches might be a sign of constipation. When a child isn’t getting the right amount of fiber in his or her diet, it prevents proper bowel movements. This can cause pain in the stomach. The pain will typically subside, but pay close attention if our child is complaining of the pain on a regular basis. It might be time to add some apple juice to their diet.

Food Intolerance

Some foods just don’t sit well with some children. Dairy products for example, can cause stomach pain for kids who are lactose intolerant. Other foods may be tough for your childe to digest. There are other conditions such as celiac disease and peanut allergies that can cause both short and long term illnesses. If you find your child complaining of stomach pain on a regular basis, watch closely what you’re feeding them and see if you notice any patterns.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

We mostly think of this as being something that just affects adults. But studies have shown that teenagers and even younger children can suffer from this condition. Those who have IBS complain of stomach pain for weeks or months at a time. They tend to feel strongest right after eating and notice a slight relief of pain when they go to the bathroom.

When it comes to stomach pain in children, the important thing is to watch and take note of patterns and symptoms. By paying close attention, you’ll have a better chance of getting your child the help they need. As always, please bring to AllKids Urgent Care if the pain is severe.

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