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School Lunches Your Kids (And You!) Will Love

We are only month into the school year and if you are anything like the parents in our office you’ve already started getting complaints about the sandwiches that keep appearing in your kids lunchbox. Here are some easy tips on how to make a healthy school lunch that your child will actually want to eat.

Go beyond the basics

Experiment and have fun. Trying whole wheat mini bagels, protein packed kabobs, turn sandwiches into “sushi” rolls, or use bento boxes and small colorful items to add a visual pop of color.


Did you make a giant batch of your child’s favorite dinner?  Then send it for lunch. You know they love it, it’s already fixed – what’s easier?  As soon as dinner is over, pack the leftovers immediately into boxes for lunch the next day (or days) and grab and go in the morning with ease.

Make your own Lunchable

The store brand is filled with nitrites, sodium, and other not so healthy things but if you make your own, you’ll know exactly what’s in your kid’s lunch box and your guaranteed to pick food they’ll eat. Try cutting ham, turkey, or deli chicken into squares or circles, adding some crackers or pretzels, throw in a string cheese or cut up sliced cheese and bam – you’ve got an easy munchable school lunch.

Encourage independence

Have a picky eater?  Create a Lunch Zone in your fridge or pantry and let your child fix their own lunch. Having some authority over choices might help them actually want to eat. Make sure you give them guidelines, have foods available from all food groups, and assist when needed. Allowing independent lunch packing is one of the best ways to help teach and train your child about nutritious food and gives them self-esteem.

School lunches shouldn’t be a battle everyday, by following these simple steps and giving your child some choices that they can help you make, or make themselves, you can teach nutrition, give them the energy boost to get through math class and gym, and keep your child from being cranky during the day.

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

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