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Secrets of the Traveling Preschooler

It’s almost summertime! As families start planning their summer vacations, many first-time parents, as well as parents of young toddlers and preschoolers, get nervous about traveling with their youngsters. Vacations are many things but they shouldn’t be stressful.

Here are a couple of travel tips to get you ready for your upcoming trip:


Show your children photos of the hotel and any other destinations you have planned to build a positive anticipation of the trip before you even leave home. If flying, talk to them about going through security and what to expect once on board. This is especially important if they are flying for the first time.


Dress for comfort, bring a trusted blanket or cuddly friend, and have favorite snacks on hand especially if flying or driving a long distance.


Have your little one pack their own in-flight or car seat bag with toys, games, and other entertainment options. Or, you pack some surprises to keep them excited during the long voyage and give them new things to play with in the hotel room.


Try to keep on their normal at-home routine as much as possible, especially for napping and bed times. If they eat a snack at the same time every day back home, make sure you have that snack handy even if out and about sight seeing or visiting family.

Following the above tips should help make your summer holiday a real stress-free vacation.

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