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Sick Day Activities

Sick days are no fun for kiddos. As a parent or caregiver it can be tough to know how to help when they’re feeling so miserable. You want them to rest as much as possible, but you also know they aren’t used to lying around all day.

Here are some ideas on how to make a sick day as fun as possible while encouraging your child to get some rest:

Movie Time We know many parents like to limit the amount of time their children spend in front of the TV. Sick days may be an exception. Putting on one of their favorite movies and letting them relax can be a great way to help your sick child get some extra rest.

Photos Whether you have a box of old photos, a scrapbook or even the album on your tablet, spend some time browsing through photos of friends and family. You’ll be surprised how entertaining and restful this can be for a child that is home sick.

Create a Spa Nothing feels better than a little extra pampering from a parent when you’re sick. Break out a couple of towels, lotion, lip balm and maybe even a lavender-scented sleep mask and create your own special sick-day spa. It’s the perfect way to get your sick kid to settle down for a long nap.

Portable Art Studio Kids can entertain themselves for quite a while with some blank paper, colored pencils and a glue stick. When you want them to stay lying down, make a portable art studio that allows them to stay in bed or on the couch. Give them some ideas of different things to draw and then let them relax and draw for a while.

Read Together Remember how soothing and relaxing it was to hear your parent read to you at bedtime? Reading to your sick child might be a great way to settle them down for a nap. Make them nice and comfortable in bed and then choose a favorite book to read together.

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