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Sports Physicals for Children

Before your child begins a new sport, make sure they get a Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE), otherwise known as a “sports physical”. Most school sports programs require this exam before a child is allowed to participate in the sport, however some sports and private organizations do not require it. It is critical that your child receives this physical examination each season though, to ensure they are healthy and well suited to perform the necessary activities associated with the sport. AllKids Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care offers quick and easy PPE sports physicals every day! There are many benefits to your child receiving a physical from one of our Gilbert or Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care locations.

The PPE assesses a child’s medical history and current condition to ensure they don’t have any medical problems that would interfere with their success (such as asthma, poor vision, or heart problems). Usually, the doctor will just fill out and sign a form giving your child consent to participate in their chosen sport if all signs are clear. If our doctors have any concerns about the health or wellbeing of your child after performing the examination, they may recommend a follow up exam with your child’s primary care physician.

Why Are Sports Physicals So Important?

Sports physicals can be extremely beneficial in catching signs and symptoms of health problems early on to ensure your child gets the preemptive treatment they need. Discovering health problems doesn’t have to hold your child back though! Say the physical exam determines your child is prone to asthma attacks. He or she may still participate in many sports like soccer or basketball with asthma; they just might need an inhaler at times. It is important to be aware of health concerns early on so as not to exacerbate the problem with too much strenuous activity. Additional training or treatment may be ordered to ensure your child the most success.

Both our Mesa and Gilbert pediatric urgent care locations are open every day of the week, from 12pm-10pm! Stop in to get your child’s sport physical taken care of today!

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