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Staying Fit as a Child

There seems to be no end to children’s energy. They are constantly on the go and ready to engage in the next activity. This is a crucial part of their development as they grow up and helps them fight off illness as well as obesity.

Unfortunately, as children get older, it can be more and more difficult for them to stay active and fit. As children become more intrigued with technology, friends and the demands of school, they may find exercise and sports less intriguing. If we’re not careful as parents, our kids can develop bad habits that may lead to serious health issues.

Ensuring our kids stay fit requires a good balance of eating healthy and getting adequate exercise. Because they are still learning and developing, it falls to us as parents to instill healthy habits. We can set the tone early in their lives to ensure they continue on to become healthy adults.

Be Active

One important thing we can do as parents is to be active ourselves. This not only sets a good example for our children, but also inspires the entire family to be active. Be sure that you are exercising as an adult. Take the time to plan and engage in fun and active family activities. It sometimes takes more than just telling your kids to go outside and play or signing them up for a tumbling class. They may be waiting for us to take the first step.

Choose the Right Activities

If the goal is to help your kids stay fit, then it is important to choose activities that are appropriate for their ages. When you push them to participate in an activity that is too difficult for them, they will quickly lose interest or get bored. Be sure to choose activities that focus more on fun to get their attention. Competition is great, but to maintain a long-term fitness plan, your kids will most likely respond better to fun than competition.

Eat a Good Variety of Foods

Eating healthy is an important part of kids staying fit and trim. When they don’t get the right nutrients and vitamins, their bodies cannot stay healthy and they won’t have the energy they need to be active. Encourage your kids to eat a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables to help them maintain their health and stamina.

If you feel that your child may have an underlying issue that is preventing them from being as healthy or fit as they should be, be sure to consult one of the doctors at Gilbert AllKids Urgent Care. We’re happy to visit with you and discuss your concerns.

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