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Using Games to Teach Kids About Money

As parents you want your kids to be financially savvy, but your kids just want to have fun. Money games for kids are great teaching tools, playing these types of games with your children makes learning fun and encourages your kids to ask questions about money. Parents can play board games, online simulation games, or better yet, they can create their own homemade games that encourage learning.

Board Games Board games that teach your children about money management are Monopoly, Game of Life, Payday, Moneywise Kids, Money Bags, Easy Money, Exact Change and Careers. Each of these games has a slightly different emphasis, and some are more complex than others — so check to make sure that the game you select is appropriate for your child’s age and areas of interest. Learning about money can be part of a family fun night

Online Games Online games that your children can play to learn about money, what it’s worth and how to use spend and use it wisely are Piggy Bank, Money Word Games, Change Maker, Counting Coins and Money Flash Cards. These particular games focus on counting and making change, but there are plenty of other such games on the internet. All you have to do is find them and try them.

Homemade Games Great games don’t always have to be purchased. You can make lots of games to encourage learning with the materials around your house. Get creative by pretending to be a bank or practice making change for purchases. For younger children, take real money and turn them into magnets and let them play with them on the fridge while you cook dinner. For older children, make errands the game – ask them questions about different foods and how much they cost at grocery stores, have them figure out sales at department stores. If they get the answers correct, give them a dollar and use that as a learning tool in and of itself.

These types of money games help your child learn about addition and subtraction of dollars and cents, and learn some elementary economics lessons as well. Kids will also get practice identifying types of coins and bills through play!  Play time is the best time for kids to learn – have a great family night and enjoy learning and exploring together.

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