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Arizona Bicycle Safety

Arizona Fall’s and Winter’s are perfect for bicycle riding but before you pull that two-wheeler out of your garage, let’s look over a few basic bicycle safety tips for kids (and parents, too). Bike riding is definitely fun, but accidents do happen so read on and stay safe.

  1. Wear a properly fitting helmetWearing a properly fitting helmet means you are protecting your brain. You don’t want your helmet to be too small or too big and never wear a hat under your helmet. If you’re unsure if your helmet fits, ask someone at a bicycle store for help. Having the right size helmet is key, but wearing it properly is also necessary. It should be worn level and cover your forehead, don’t tip it back. Straps should always be fastened and adjusted so they’re snug enough that you can’t pull or twist the helmet off or around.

  2. Be seen, be safeDaytime riding is safest so try to avoid riding your bike at dusk or later because you’ll need to be seen by others to stay safe. Wear bright clothes and put reflectors on your bike so other people on the road can see you. Also, make sure nothing can get caught in your bike chain like loose pant legs, backpack straps, or shoelaces. Wear sneakers, not flip flops or sandals, and never ride barefoot.

  3. Watch out for road hazardsBe on the lookout for hazards such as potholes, broken glass, gravel, puddles, leaves and animals while riding. You’ll need to keep eyes and ears open for cars and trucks so no headphones. Even if you’re just riding on the sidewalks, cars can be pulling out of driveways so stay aware at all times. A bike path free of cars is a great choice, if there’s one in your area, just remember to share that path with other bikers, walkers, and runners.

  4. Rules of the roadIf Mom and Dad say it’s okay to ride in the road, remember to follow the rules of the road. Ride on the right, in the same direction as other vehicles – go with the flow, not against it. Obey all traffic laws including traffic signals, stop signs and lane markings. Stay alert at all times – use your eyes and ears and look before turning or changing lanes. And remember to watch out for parked cars.

Riding a bicycle is fun, healthy, and a great way to gain some independence but remember it’s not a toy, it’s a vehicle and you must keep aware and safe while riding.

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

AllKids Urgent Care has two offices, one in Mesa and one in Gilbert, both conveniently located off the US60. No appointment is necessary, just stop in, get your concerns addressed and start your child on the road back to health. Both our Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care and our Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care are open every day, from noon to 10 p.m.

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