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Helping Kids Stay Active and Healthy This Summer

Did you know that children can experience learning loss when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer months?  To keep your children active, happy, and healthy this summer think about these five things.

Keep Reading and Learning

Encourage reading all summer long. Visit the local library and sign up for their reading program together and celebrate every time they finish a book. Read the same book and discuss the outcome, have your child pick a book to read together and then you pick one. You could even make it into a family book club with age-appropriate books. Pick a book with a movie and compare them when you’re done reading.

Be Creative

Try a new craft, pick up a new hobby, try writing or dancing or painting. Use the summer months to let your child’s imagination run a bit wild and have some fun!  Giving them creative options will help them use their brain in different ways from just standard book learning. If you had a hobby as a kid, why not share that with them this summer. Did you play clarinet? Tap dance? Get out old pictures or home movies and giggle together.

Stay Active and Healthy

Pick a new sport for your child to try, or a new family activity like nighttime walks or bicycle rides. Have your child pick out recipes to make, together as a family, if possible – or something easy they can possibly make by themselves (or maybe with a tiny bit of supervision). This not only puts them in charge of their health, but gives them lifelong lessons in food prep, nutrition, and exercise.

Turn the Electronics Off

This one won’t be easy and you don’t need to turn them off all day long, but to keep your kids active and their minds healthy, make sure they have other activities besides tablets and video games. Try to schedule gaming time each day and make sure your children know how much time they have.

Make It Fun

Above all else, if they see you enjoying things whether it be reading, hobbies, sports, cooking, or learning something new they will enjoy them, too. Put on some music and dance, laugh, cheer them on, create a positive atmosphere this summer and watch them go back to school in the fall with renewed attitudes, new life skills, and a brain ready to learn.

Mesa Pediatric Urgent Care and Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care

AllKids Urgent Care is a pediatric urgent care with pediatric urgent care clinics in Mesa and Gilbert. Both locations are conveniently accessed from the US60 and are open from noon to 10 pm daily.

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