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Pet Rocks

Looking for a fun, easy end-of-summer craft? How about a Pet Rock?

Supplies Rocks of varying sizes Googly eyes, different sizes if you can find them Acrylic paint Paintbrushes – or sponges work too! Permanent Markers (Bright colored Sharpies would be fun) Glitter Stickers


  1. Gather up your works – you can either find this on a nature walk or buy them at a craft supply store. Make sure the rocks are cleaned of dirt and debris and fully dry before moving on to the next step.

  2. Gather your supplies

  3. For easier clean-up, have each child work on a paper plate – this will help them have a place to dry their pets as well

  4. Let the children have fun painting! They can add dots, shapes, letters, etc. Once they are finished – let the rocks fully dry.

  5. Once dry, you can add the googly eyes, stickers, and add details with the permanent markers – how about adding noses or silly smiles?

  6. All done? Now it’s playtime…give them names, make up stories, they can decorate gardens or desks – they could even be homework buddies. They could come out during the school year to “help” with the homework and can be played with once assignments are done.

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