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Shake Up Your Easter Egg Hunt!

How does your family hunt for eggs on Easter morning? Do you use plastic eggs or hand-dyed hard-boiled eggs? Do you fill the plastic eggs with money, candy, or something else entirely? We’ve found some egg-cellent Easter egg hunt ideas to make this year’s Easter tradition that much more creative and fun, for kids of any age!

Solve Clues. Instead of a free-for-all competition, have your children work together to solve riddles to find where the eggs are hidden. Have one egg for each child hidden in the location the clues point to.

Designate Eggs. Want to even the playing field? Write your kids’ names on the eggs or assign each child a color. Tell your kids they can only collect the eggs that say their name or are their assigned color.

The Golden Egg. Hide one special egg among the rest. This egg should be hidden well and be easily distinguishable as the special egg. Whichever kid finds the golden egg will get an extra special Easter present.

Puzzle Piece Hunt. Before hiding the eggs, put together a simple puzzle, then write a message on the back of it. This message could be a clue to where a bigger prize is located or it may be an exciting announcement. Then break up the puzzle pieces and hide them in the eggs. Have your kids work together to assemble the puzzle and reveal the secret message.

Candy-Free Easter Eggs. Replace the tiny morsels of sugar and high fructose corn syrup with coins, dollars, stickers or love notes.

Treasure Map Hunt. Draw a treasure map of where the eggs are hidden. Give your kids eye patches and let them find the swashbuckling loot buried under the X.

Flashlight Hunting. Older kids will love this one. It works best if you do the hunt at night. Hide all the eggs inside the house if you are worried about the kids being safe. Put glow sticks inside the eggs, use glow-in-the-dark eggs, or simply turn all the lights out. Hand each child a flashlight, and let the search begin!

Tell us some of your family’s favorite Easter traditions! Leave a comment below, or head on over to our Faceboook page to give other parents just like you some more ideas for the special kids in their life.

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