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Ten Easy Holiday Gifts Your Kids Can Make

Homemade gifts add a sentimental and personal touch to any holiday present. DIY holiday gifts that are easy enough for the kiddos to create will make mom and dad happy (by not breaking the bank) and keep the little ones busy while they’re out of school for Thanksgiving or Winter Break. The best part will be the look on your child’s face when their loved one opens the creation they worked hard on!Here are our top ten favorite holiday gifts kids can make to share priceless memories with loved ones and make the holidays merry and bright.COASTERS [For the Entertainer]

The perfect addition to any game room or coffee table, these adorable hand-made coasters are easy to make, great for year-round décor, and simply practical for the entertainer in your life! We couldn’t decide which we loved more, so try two different designs made from puzzle pieces or scrabble tiles!

MISTLE-TOES CANVAS DÉCOR [For the Grandparents]

This precious and personal holiday décor item will make any grandparent swoon as their grandkid’s childhood is preserved through their baby footprints. Get creative by making this homemade print into a holiday greeting card, wall art, or even a ceramic plate.

CLAY COVERED PENS [For the Writer, Businessperson, or Home Office Aficionado]

Finding the perfect pen that glides smoothly across the paper and has your favorite festive color of ink is quite a task! Your kids will love giving someone special in their life a practical and beautiful twist on a commonplace household item. These fun DIY clay-covered pens will add a pop of color and flare to any business place, home office, craft room, or junk drawer.

HAND-STAMPED HANDKERCHIEF OR NECKTIE [For Dads, Grandpas, Brothers, or Uncles]

This gift idea is so versatile it can be used for almost any holiday and given to any special man in your child’s life. You can use any design for the stamp to make a festive patterned handkerchief or necktie. You can even make several at once to give to all the special men in your life! These hand-stamped gifts are easy for kids to make and fun for dads, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers to receive, no matter what the occasion.

MICKEY MOUSE COFFEE CUP COZY [For the Coffee Lover and Disney Enthusiast]

There are many tutorials online that you can use to make the coffee-lover in your family a handy, re-usable coffee cup sleeve, but this Disney-inspired design is fun for the kids to make and quick enough for kids with short attention spans to complete! Just a few pieces of fabric, some buttons, hot glue, and you’re through!

TEA WREATH [For the Tea Guru or Health Nut]

This beautiful and customizable tea wreath is one your loved one can hang on their hearth all year long! With the added benefit of it being a decoration, an organizer, and a personalized present all in one, it’s also simple to make! Have your kids pick out the patterns and papers to make this kid-friendly craft fun and unique! You can even place pictures of your kids in the clothespins for a more sentimental touch.

I-SPY SHAKERS [For Kids, Toddlers, or the Regular Road-Trippers]

Your kids will love filling these homemade toys with neat treasures and colorful knick-knacks. The rainbow rice used in this version adds a fun twist on a classic toy. Plus it helps us parents get our kiddos to clean out the old toy box! Kids can make these for their friends at school, their brothers and sisters, or even the next-door neighbor with a newborn.

DIY TRIBAL DRUMS [For the Little Musician]

The little drummer boy or girl in your family will love these genuine leather tribal drums almost as much as your children will love making them! From the needle-free stitching to the fuzzy mallets, these tin can drums are as decorative as they are fun for kids to make and use. This DIY craft will help your kids get creative with the colored fabrics and painted patterns.


Give your workaholics and busy moms a place to keep their endless to-do lists with these hand-painted corkboards made from embroidery hoops. Children can choose any pattern or design to paint on the corkboards or just let their paintbrushes run wild! Have them tack on a picture and hand-written note for an even more personal touch on this easy DIY gift.


Pick from any of these amazing DIY terrarium ideas! (We couldn’t decide which one we loved best!) Have your little one help you pick out the ingredients needed to build a tiny ecosystem. Each of your kids can make one to give away or help you wrap up the kit to give to the greenie in their life!

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